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 All inclusive holidays to Samos – All inclusive Samos holidays

Travel Monster All inclusive Samos holidays are close to Turkey and the nearby island of Piraeus in the Aegean Sea. Samos is a popular stopping off point between Athens and Izmar and ferries also regularly run there from the Turkish port of Kusadasi. All inclusive holidays to Samos are full of history among gorgeous beaches and quaint coastal towns and hamlets. The island is the birthplace of the mathematical icon Pythagoras and there are many landmarks named after him, including the city of Pythagorio.

Beautiful seas with golden sands and full of activities for all to enjoy, Travel Monster all inclusive holidays in Samos.

Sunshine is Never in Short Supply

Cheap all inclusive Samos holidays start to grow in appeal at the start of May when temperatures rise and prices rise with them. Most flights to Samos connect through Athens airport although there are also a few direct ones from Germany, Brussels, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. all inclusive family holidays Samos are known for their long sunny days and the island has one of the longest periods of sunshine of the Grecian islands.

Wonderful Beaches

Samos makes the ideal beach holiday

Samos makes the ideal beach holiday

All inclusive cheap Samos holidays also offer a wide variety of beaches, from Gagkou sand beach in Samos with its path running along the shore, to Potokaki’s long white pebble beach which is a nirvana for water sports enthusiasts. In Potokaki you can hire out jet skis and inflatables for fun on the beautiful crystal waters. Remember to stay relatively inland while enjoying yourself and you should have a long day exploring the sea around the coast. Potakaki, Pythagario and Glicorisa are all Blue Flag Beaches. This Blue Flag award is globally recognised and is a declaration that the nearest beach in these locations on all inclusive holidays in Samos are clean and safe for all.