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Recession Style Holiday Bookings

The words ‘Double Dip’ and ‘the euro crisis’ have reared its head this year again thus creating uncertainty for travellers. More tourists are looking towards the developing tourist markets of Tunisia and Morocco as a diversion from the daily dose of dejection at home. Travel Monster, as an up and coming impartial holiday merchant have […]

EHIC – European Health Insurance Card

What is the EHIC? In principle the EHIC card allows citizens of the UK the entitlement for free or reduced cost of emergency treatment when holiday at certain European countries. Why should I have an EHIC? To begin with it’s free to all UK residents and you don’t have re-apply with each trip you make.

New 2014 Schedule Launched

MONSTER 2014 Holidays Available Now It’s official, we have authorised the launch of our complete 2014 holiday schedule; bringing back many of the popular hotels and destinations that our MONSTER travellers have enjoyed in the past. Unlike many companies that are offering something new, in our survey results it is the old favourites that you […]

Whats New on Travel Monster?

The Travel Monster offers by email is now live, you can now Join our mailing list to give you the chance of getting fantastic holiday prices first! Have a look at our visual price guide for 2014 holidays. Quicky look and see the price range you should expect to pay for the month of your choice during […]

Package Holiday Bookings Rise During 2012

New research has shown that tourists from the UK are prefering to book package holidays, rather than booking the individuals parts of the holiday themselves. The study, which was carried out by ABTA, discovered 48% of people in the UK reserved a package holidays during 2012. This is an increase of 6% from 2011. The […]