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Amadores Holidays – Cheap, Family & All inclusive holidays to Amadores

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On Gran Canaria’s south western coast lies the tailor made resort – Travel Monster holidays in Amadores. Just a glimpse of the perfect pale sand of the blue flag beach of Amadores leaves you wanting more.  A lovely 800 m stroll on the seafront walkway on Amadores holidays directly takes you to Puerto Rico.

A cheap option for your family

Amadores family holidays are the place for sun, sea and sand lovers, here’s it’s totally all about the warm sun, velvety white sands and the sparkling waters. The resort has specially built for tourists hence; you’ll find whitewashed grand hotels, beachfront complexes for your comfortable stay and at a budget to suit which really does make cheap holidays in Amadores a good possibility.


Choose the preference that will be best

All inclusive Amadores holidays are the way to go if you’re looking for some peace and solitude. Nightlife here is the quiet sorts with a meal under the stars and a stroll on the crescent shaped beach. Day trips on all inclusive holidays in Amadores include a trip to Puerto Rico as well as the island’s capital Las Palmas.