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Cheap Travel Monster Package and Family Holidays to Bahamas

Most of the economic activity of the Bahamas is generated by tourism and its allied industries, accounting for more than 60 percent of its gross domestic product and providing employment opportunities for over half of its workforce. The success of All Inclusive Bahamas holidays is evident with the number of cruise ships that regularly land in the island to give its passengers a chance to have their hair braided, or visit the straw market. The island offers a variety of attractions that make All Inclusive Bahamas holidays Culture highly in demand.

All Inclusive and cheap Bahamas Package and Family Holidays is your gateway to country that is not only rich financially, ranking 4th among the Bermuda, United States and Canada in terms of gross domestic capital, but which also boasts of a very rich culture thanks to the cultural influences of the Europeans Arawak Indians and the Africans. Your All Inclusive and cheap Bahamas Package and Family Holidays would a great opportunity to be exposed to the Junkanoo music which is indigenously Bahamas. Junkanoo is a street carnival being held every December 26 in time for Boxing Day and every January 1 in time for New Year’s Day. John Canoe, an African slave started the tradition which is characterized by crepe paper costumes and the rich sound coming from brass, tom-tom and goatskin drums.

Your All Inclusive Bahamas holidays will get you up close and personal with the practice of bush medicine in the Bahamas, which dates back to the slavery era. It was actually the African slaves which started the practice of bush medicine in the island where doctors have never been heard of nor seen. The island boasts of having nearly a hundred plants that can be used to cure a variety of ailments from headaches to colds, and other ailments. Your All Inclusive Bahamas holidays might even be an opportunity to discover simple bush medicines you can apply back home.

The islanders’ Straw Craft would be an interesting industry to take note of during your All Inclusive and cheap Bahamas Package and Family Holidays. For one, the technique being used to weave straws has been passed down from generation to generation. Nassau’s Straw Market has become famous thanks to tourists on their All Inclusive and cheap Bahamas Package and Family Holidays, who deem it a very important stop during their vacation. The open air market is a good source of souvenir items like sea shells, statues and masks. And if you have been dying to get that African look on your hair then this is where you can get someone to do that hairbrading technique. Who knows, you might learn obeah here, a term of West African folk magic. That one would be a very good souvenir to impress everyone in your hometown.