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All Inclusive Egypt Holidays Package and Family Holidays to Egypt

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Although Egypt is synonymous with ancient artefacts and the mysterious pyramids, it also offers lesser known attractions, such as fantastic scuba diving, glorious coastlines and river boat cruises down the River Nile. Cairo is considered to be the heart of Egypt. It offers everything a tourist could want, from the Pyramid of Cheops, the Great Sphinx and the Tomb of Ptahshepses to vibrant shopping facilities, the Cairo opera house and the Hanging Church.


Beach holidays to Egypt are becoming more popular as the underdeveloped regions west of Alexandria are starting to produce more resorts along their coasts. Consequently, beach resorts are becoming far less expensive than ever before; well within the reach of those seeking relatively cheap family holidays. Sharm El Sheikh is one of the established resorts that has been receiving widespread acclaim due to its fabulous location on the Red Sea, great scuba diving and excellent facilities. Taba is egyptless developed but no less luxurious, than Sharm, offering a quieter and in some ways more picturesque resort than the former. Like Taba, Marsa Alam is in the early stages of its development and offers a tranquil break where you can really get away from it all. For something a little more exclusive, Soma bay – just south of Hurghada – offers select and world-class hotels and a stunning golf course to boot!



Holidaying fishermen might like to take a trip to Nasser Lake, the biggest man made lake in the world. It stretches from Egypt into Sudan, covering an area of 2026 square miles and reaching depths of just over 426 feet. This lake’s primary purpose was not for fishing; together with the Aswan Dam, it provides irrigation and electricity to the whole of Egypt. Today, it is fished by locals and tourists alike. Amongst the thirty two species of fish that make this lake their home, you can find Nile perch, Tiger Fish, catfish, Tilapia and the giant Vundu. Just watch out for River Crocodiles…

Egypt is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern, with many areas of outstanding natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife. Whether you are seeking cheap Egypt holidays or a more exclusive tour of this country, its atmosphere and culture are sure to entrance and bewitch you.