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Luxor Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Luxor

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To get the best out of a holiday in Egypt plan for Travel Monster holidays in Luxor. This beautiful resort is built to cater to all the needs of the tourists. With a beautiful resort centre, you can have the essence of the great Nile River when you are in Luxor. Aside from the resort centre, the interior town of Luxor is also warm and exciting. Luxor holidays can be planned according to your convenience because the town experiences year around sunshine.

Sightseeing is a major activity when you are on family holidays in Luxor. Luxor is called the world’s greatest open air museum and it offers much more than that. There are several monuments that are preserved so beautifully in Luxor.

Exploring Luxor with a budget

Luxor essentially has three different areas. The city of Luxor is one the east side of the Nile River with more modern facilities. The town of Karnak is on the north of Luxor where you can see people proud of their traditions. To the west side of Nile River is the Thebes which is the ancient town of Luxor. To enjoy cheap Luxor holidays and to explore the best parts of your holiday, take your time and stroll the streets. Everywhere you will discover interesting monuments and exciting shops during holiday.


Other all inclusive holiday activities

Sinai desert is just a few kilometres away from the all inclusive Luxor resort and you can enjoy great desert safari there. When you travel further, you will reach historical cities of Egypt like Cairo which are a home of ancient monuments and tombs that stand evidence of the century’s old tradition, just be sure to include these activities when you are booking all inclusive holidays in Luxor.