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Travel Monster Helona Beach holidays are picturesque breaks away on the island of Kos, which is a Greek island that has so far stayed off the tourist radar until now. Holidays in Helona Beach, like most resorts on the island, are strictly low key and if you are looking for a Mediterranean adventure this part of the coast isn’t for you.

  • Relaxing by the Sea or at the Pool

What Helona Beach family holidays can give you though is a slice of priceless relaxation. The resort is an ideal spot for couples who want to escape from everyday life for a week or two and really appreciate each other’s company. You do not have to spend a fortune to get to Helona Beach and most tourists spend cheap holidays in Helona Beach relaxing by the coast or by the pool maybe reading a paperback. Most of the daytime activities here can be found right in your hotel. If you really fancy it you can take a walk on the beach holding hands with your special someone or take a dip in the crystal clear sea water. The beach is pretty secluded apart from a few sea turtles making it the perfect spot to pretend you are on a desert island for the day.


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  • Family Friendly Entertainment

As the sun sets and the day ends the lazy atmosphere brought on by the balmy weather ceases to lift. Evening entertainment on all inclusiveHelonaBeachholidays have a lot to be desired if you venture outside your hotel here. Fortunately, the local hotels offer some excellent family friendly variety acts and games. All inclusive holidays Helona Beach aren’t high on excitement but they are a well earned rest from the stresses of normal life back home if you are used to your days being especially hectic.