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Tingaki Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Tingaki

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Take a Travel Monster holiday to Tingaki, which are set in the idyllic Greek island of Kos, which in turn is situated in the South Sporades of the Dodecanese Islands. The island itself looks out onto the Bodrum peninsula on the Turkish coast and the two countries are separated by theAegean Sea. Boat excursions are available to the main town ofBodruminTurkey. Tingaki holidays are just one amazing break away on such a beautiful unspoilt island.

  • Sightseeing in Tingaki

Tingaki Family holidays are perfect breaks away for families who love ancient Greek history. The whole area is buzzing with folklore and centuries old architecture. The littleislandofKosis said to have been visited by Hercules and has been the inspiration for many Greek poets, artists and scholars. The Hellenistic era really wasKos’s golden age despite mostly being in the shadow of the larger and more commercially importantRhodesfor most of its life. It also used to be the home of the largest market in the ancient world in Agora before I was destroyed in an earthquake.Kosis also of great archaeological importance. Formerly part of a mountain plain,Kosis where many interesting historical discoveries have been made. These reasons alone are bound to wet the appetite of any visitor interested in the past on cheap holidays in Tingaki.


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  • Child Friendly and Good Location

All inclusive Tingaki holidays are superbly situated near some of the other best destinations on theislandofKos. The capital,KosTown, sits12 kilometresfrom Tingaki. The beach on all inclusive holidays in Tingaki is sandy and child friendly which makes this an excellent destination for families looking for somewhere different to spend their time off.