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Nidri Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Nidri

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Travel Monster Nidri holidays are situated in the Greek island of Lefkas, one of the Ionian Islands. Nestled between the otherIonian Islands, what makes Lefkas unique is that it is the only island to be linked to mainland Greece. A swing bridge operates over the narrow stretch of water that separates the two chunks of land and connects the two main roads. This is particularly handy as the main method of travelling to your holiday in Nidri is by first flying into Prevesa airport in mainland Greece. The airport sits 30 minutes from the connecting bridge to the island.

  • Relaxed and Family Friendly

Cheap Nidri holidays are able to retain their unspoilt Mediterranean glamour with the help of excellent building laws that aim to preserve the unspoilt small resort appeal of Lefkas. These laws restrict new residencies and business including hotels to be low rise. As a result of these laws family holidays in Nidri will hopefully never become impersonal heavily crowded breaks away. There are only tow main resorts on Lefkas which are Nidri and Vassiliki. Taking this into account, the island can often seem a little too underdeveloped for some and Nidri is probably the one place where you will find all inclusive holidays.

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  • Water sports Available

Although the island itself is quite peaceful and some may find it an unusual break away to be so nearGreecewithout being part of it, all inclusive Nidri holidays aren’t just all about relaxation. While it is all well and good to lie by the pool all day the resort is full of adventure. Water sports are popular on all inclusive holidays in Nidri, particularly yachting. This is a prime place to yacht inGreeceas theIonian Seahere is hardly ever rough and this is where many sailors learn the hobby.