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Molyvos Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Molyvos

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Our Travel Monster Molyvos holidays can be found on the Greek island of Lesbos, or Lesvos as it is also commonly spelt. The resort is where most foreign visitors fly to on the island so you can expect the area to be particularly busy in spring and summer. Formerly known as Mithymna in days gone by, the main town on holidays in Molyvos has not lost its nostalgic charm. As you travel down the hillside to your destination from the resort ofPetrayou will see a wonderful scenic view of the whole town.

  • The Beach

Our cheap holidays to Molyvos will tick all the right boxes, for instance the beach at Molyvos is a pebbly stretch with a small pier. Most of the pebbly land steadily descends into sand underwater, making this beach a surprisingly nice place to swim. It is on the nearby beaches that you really get to appreciate just how picturesque Molyvos family holidays are as they are backed by the beautiful stone houses that crowd round the ancient castle. The castle that towers over Molyvos has replaced that of the one that was famously taken over by the warrior Achilles who is a well known figure in Greek legend.

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  • The Nightlife

Unlike many of the laid back Mediterranean breaks on offer in Lesvos, all inclusive Molyvos holidays do have a lively night scene. What most visitors find so unique about the resort is that tradition and partying really can go hand in hand. The demographic of tourists on all inclusive holidays in Molyvos is more general than on most holiday resorts so you can usually fall into good company here whether you be young or old.