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Ornos Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Ornos

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Travel Monster Ornos holidays are set in the island of Mykonos. Mykonos is under Greek rule is often overshadowed by some of the more prominent islands in the area such as Rhodes and Lesbos. However, this does not mean to say that holidays in Ornos has less to offer than any of its other more popular neighbours. Close to buzzing Mykonos Town, Ornos can offer holiday makers the best of both worlds, from the stunning scenery within the peaceful coastal town to wild nights and busy days a stone’s throw away in the city’s capital.

  • Fantastic Array of Beaches

As mentioned before, our cheap Ornos holidays could not be in a better place to see the rest of the island. As well as the main beach in Ornos there are some gorgeous beaches littered around Mykonos’ south coast. There are a few nudist areas around here in resorts with a thriving party scene. For the shy and retiring, you will be pleased to know that the usual family friendly seashores also come, as standard here meaning there is something for everyone. Platys Gialos and Elia are two examples of the best beaches here and are only a short trip away for your family holidays in Ornos.

  • Location



  • A Touch of Class

If you are someone who would, rather stay put on all inclusive Ornos holidays there is still lots to do here. The local beach for one suit most people right down to the ground. This particular beach is the closest bit of the seashore to Mykonos Town and the city dwellers often prefer to claim it as their own during the summer months. Most people are advised to get down to the beach early if you want to spend the day here, or better still choose all inclusive holidays in Ornos that have their own private beach section.