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Plati Yialos

Plati Yialos Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Plati Yialos

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Our Travel Monster Plati Yialos holidays are set in the south coast of the Greek island of Mykonos. Although the island is rarely on the tourist radar for summer breaks away, Mykonos is actually a top celebrity haunt giving it a glamorous edge over some of its better-known neighbours. While thousands each year traipse to Rhodes, Lesbos and mainland Greece, Mykonos remains one of the last high end destinations that is populated by an exclusive club of the rich and wealthy from around the globe. Holidays in Plati Yialos are just one of many luxury breaks away that can be taken in Mykonos.

  • The Incredible Yellow Sand Beach

One of the winning features about cheap holidays in Plati Yialos in comparison to other breaks available on the island is its amazing yellow sand beach. The beach here is one of Mykonos’ busiest spots, which is a plus for young groups of friends who like their sunny holidays to be lively during the day as well as at night. Because the beach fills up fast most people tend to walk from their hotel down here in the morning and stay put in their spot until the sun goes down. A nice variety of beach bars and water sports centres ensure that there is always something to do if you are having a beach day on Plati Yialos family holidays.

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  • Colourful Party Scene

Your hotel when you are on all inclusive Plati Yialos holidays is a must for evening entertainment as well. While family friendly entertainment takes place in the hotel lounges the town’s party scene really comes to life on the streets. All inclusive holidays in Plati Yialos has a reputation for wild nights and colourful people so you can always be guaranteed a memorable trip away.