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Magazia holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Magazia

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Have you been thinking of spending your holidays somewhere on a secluded island where there isn’t much to do except for relaxing in the astounding beauty of nature? If yes, consider booking Travel Monster holidays in Magazia, a true representative of the traditional island resorts in Greece!

Magazia is one of the three main resorts on Paxos islands, located centrally and on a mere ten minutes drive from its neighbouring resorts. Magazia holidays are about enjoying greenery on the mountains and the golden sands on the shores. So get ready to completely immerse yourself into the nature and recharge your batteries.

Family Beaches

Whether in a couple or as a part of family, you will simply enjoy the sandy coves and beaches on Magazia family holidays. Watch your kids as they happily tumble in the sea waves and splash in the clear blue waters, don’t stop yourself if you feel like joining them. If adventure is on your mind try some of those fabulous water sports on offer.

If hiking is more like your thing, go ahead and pick the gauntlet of hiking through the captivating scenery over the mountains. Find your ways through the olive groves that have been growing on this lovely island for centuries and make sure you are on the cliff before it’s too late to watch the magnificent sunset on your charming Travel Monster cheap holidays to Magazia.


You Will Enjoy Everything Here

It’s a sheer pleasure to walk along the narrow streets of this quaint resort. The cute houses, lovely villas and the picturesque windmill – make sure to capture all of this in your cameras! Then head towards the outskirts of this town to visit the Olive Press Museum, but don’t leave this place without buying a couple of olive oil bottles for yourself!

Although there are no designer boutiques and malls or any other shopping spree to enjoy on cheap Magazia holidays, you can certainly buy all that you may need to enjoy a relaxing stay while on family holidays in Magazia. The resort has its own market and you can also buy some local collectibles in the shops around to enhance your showcase back home.

Magazia your parfect holiday destination?

Magazia your parfect holiday destination?

Food and Drink

Like on any other hamlet on the Greek islands, you will enjoy the traditional food in the couple of tavernas on Magazia holidays as well! The food is obviously very cheap and you can literally feast on every item. If you feel like gulping down a chilled bear, there are a couple of bars as well!

Although there are few hotels you may still be lucky to find all inclusive holidays in Magazia, you will relish the stay in the plush accommodation with a pool to relax! Just make sure you do your bookings in advance to avoid disappointment!

All inclusive Magazia holidays are indeed refreshing if you are bogged down by your work life tensions or if you wish to spend some quality time with your family. So go ahead and book holidays to Magazia today!