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Lardos Holidays  – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Lardos

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Travel Monster Lardos holidays are set in the fun filled Greek island of Rhodes. Rhodes is probably one of the better known islands in this area to holiday and has an excellent reputation for offering a diverse range of holiday experiences on just one island. Rhodes has a highly sophisticated tourism industry and is probably one of the only Greek islands that could operate independently from the mainland due to its own collected wealth and progressive attitude. In this respect most people find that resorts in Rhodes offer an altogether better quality, holidays in Lardos being just one example.

  • Families and Couples away from the Crowds

Family holidays in Lardos are a world away from the party resorts on Rhodes such as Faliraki but thankfully aren’t as secluded as some of rural retreats on the island. You can have a laid back break away here without being cut off from the outside world. All the shops, pharmacies, tourist operators and pay phones are right at your doorstep. Another bonus here is that most of the tourist traffic has yet to discover cheap Lardos holidays meaning that families and couples and freely walk around the main town without the annoyance of crowds.

  • Location
  • Entertainment

The busiest part of town on all inclusive Lardos holidays is the main square where locals and tourists alike come to socialise both by day and night. There is a great European café culture here that welcomes you to sit down at an outdoor table and order a coffee while reading an expensive English paper. Bands also play during the evening and there is a real unique atmosphere here in comparison to the entertainment lounges on all inclusive holidays in Lardos hotels.