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Samos Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Samos

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Samos is a beautiful island with rich history and culture. This island is a hilly region with mountains and beautiful beaches. Taking our Travel Monster holidays in Samos during summer season you cannot see clouds in the sky. During your stay in Samos, there are a lot of activities to enjoy and a lot of places to visit. Mountainous regions, green olive groves and emerald and sapphire beaches all add beauty to Samos that you can witness during Samos holidays.

  • Family Entertainment

Samos is famous for wine production from the early years. Even today, a major percentage of country’s income comes from the vineyards. During your family holidays to Samos a tour around the vineyards makes a good family day out. The hilly mountainous areas provide great opportunities for walking and trekking, so when on Samos family holidays can be a good excuse to spend some time exploring the mountains to engage with nature.

  • Location


  • Don’t Miss out on some Beach Fun

Beautiful beaches are undeniable attractions in Samos that provide great fun during cheap holidays in Samos. Modern resorts with all tourist amenities can be found in and around the beach areas. You can comfortably stay in one of those resorts during cheap Samos holidays.

  • All Inclusive Sights

Aside from natural beauty of this island, going with Travel Monster on all inclusive holidays to Samos make an enjoyable time visiting ancient temples and buildings. Many all inclusive hotels in Samos will provide you with a list of excursions to attend giving you great opportunities to explore various cultural buildings during all inclusive Samos holidays. Moreover, you can take day trips to nearby islands to explore more Greek beauty.