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Megalochori Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Megalochori

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Megalochori is a chocolate-box long-established resort on a in an elevated valley beneath Mount Profitias Elias, which is positioned inner south of the Greek island of Santorini. Travel Monster Megalochori holidays present a petite resort in a lovely location with a relaxing. Megalochori has cute cobblestoned lanes with the characteristic Santorini old-fashioned whitewashed dwellings erected the whole way down the knoll. Our holidays in Megalochori are serene and somewhat has been left by the wayside when it came to commercialisation, although there is a nice assortment of tavernas and traditional pubs. Meanwhile the resort itself is a fascinating perplex of characteristic Santorini designs with attractive patios, an old-style town plaza. Without Megalochori the leading wine growing region would not be there, as there are some of Santorini’s leading vineyards established across the area. The winegrowers open their yards to tourists which are worth a trip, least of all for the free samples. Megalochori is an interesting choice of commotion throughout the grape picking season.

Holidays in Megalochori a tranquil source for a variety of beaches

On Family Holidays in Megalochori you can really appreciate the beaches on the eastern side of Santorini. This is home to the trendy beach resort named Perissa that has an endless supply of sand which is also close to the congenial resort of Akrotiri. It is here you will discover the mythical Red Beach displaying the stunning red lava rock face. Additional to this is the swanky and cheap Megalochori holiday destination of Vlyhada beach which is said to be the most tranquil beach in Santorini.


Megalochori holidays an Old-fashioned hamlet in the middle of Santorini’s wineries

If you enjoy exploring then all inclusive holidays in Megalochori will suit you very well, you will appreciate the little tracks that scuttle out into the adjoining landscape bypassing the vineyards and old-fashioned hamlets. All inclusive Megalochori holidays will supply you with an undisturbed and appealing area for discovering Santorini; Megalochori is a quick taxi ride or a few hour’s stroll to Fira where you can find lots of entertainment. You will have to visit Oia during your holidays to Megalochori; this is a charming mix of small lanes, walkways, enclosures, and stylishly renovated rock dwellings. All in all, a first class destination that is a dead cert for families.