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Costa Brava

Costa Brava Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Costa Brava

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The Costa Brava coast with rugged beauty stretches for 100 miles. The whole stretch of sands and waters are exclusively for you during cheap holidays in Costa Brava. Along the coast, you will find a number of resorts and marinas that were developed to support mass tourism. Among the tourist crowd, you can find tranquil spots on the coast during Costa Brava holidays.


  • Fantastic Sandy Beaches


After relaxing on the beautiful sands with sun beds, you can travel to the deserted coves and bays to enjoy your own holiday during Travel Monster cheap holidays to Costa Brava. With pine and citrus trees, the coves look and smell heavenly. You can find fragrant herbs and colourful flowers in the coves during Costa Brava cheap holidays. Even though the area is rugged and modern, you will find green hills and natural beauty that is refreshing for the eyes.

  •  Location



  • The Best Resorts


The international resorts such as Calella and chic marina encourage you to spend most of the time in the buzzing tourist areas on family holidays in Costa Brava. However, do not forget to visit the unspoilt fishing villages that still preserve their beauty. During all inclusive Costa Brava holidays, it is worth taking tour inside the villages to explore ancient castles and forts that were built before several centuries.


  • Food and Drink


The marina is full of restaurants and cafes that serve you sea food delicacies during Family Costa Brava holidays. Even if you stay in self-catering apartments, you should come out to taste these special local dishes. There are hotels providing British style pubs and bars that provide nonstop drinks and entertainment for the tourists on Travel Monster all inclusive holidays in Costa Brava.