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Djerba Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Djerba

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Travel Monster holidays in Djerba are a little desert island escape in the truest sense of the word. You can take a small ferry from the Tunisian port of Jorf or cross the El Kantara causeway you will find flat arid land interspersed by striking white mosques and palms and olive trees. Despite the land’s dryness you will see little farmhouses about on the horizon and come across some gorgeous sugar cube villages with the occasional white dome of the local mosque. Djerba holidays are just off Tunisia’s south coast nestled in calm shallow water which is at a comfortable temperature to swim in. The scorching sun is constant during the harsh summer and the land is only relieved of thirst by less than 200 millimetres of rainfall per year.

  • Ideas for your Holiday

The capital of the island is Houmt Souk and this is where you find most amenities on cheap Djerba holidays. Airline offices, car hire, banks, hotels, restaurants and shops are all found around this busy little town. If you are a real exotic market stall take a trip into the heart of town where you will find the souks, a muddle of alleyways bordered by whitewashed Tunisian buildings and rustic little stalls selling trinkets and engraved wooden furniture. Family holidays to Djerba offer a great insight into Tunisian culture if you care to explore the area.

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  • The Beach

All inclusive Djerba holidays are full of golden sandy shores and the best beaches are just east of the capital of Houmt Souk. These beaches take up 20 kilometres of the coast and are only interrupted by a small rocky region. All inclusive holidays in Djerba beaches include Sidi Mahares, Sidi Garous and La Seguia. Amenities are scarce on these beaches so remember to buy supplies in Houmt Souk before you travel there.