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Hammamet Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Hammamet

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Taking Travel Monster Hammamet holidays will take you to the Cap Bon Peninsula on Tunisia’s coast bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The area used to be a quiet fishing region until 1920’s Romanian millionaire George Sebastian decided to build an extravagant villa near the beach. This triggered the hotels to spring up and so started the emergence of holidays in Hammamet.

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Hammamet family holidays offer lots of amenities and a new part of the town called Hammamet Yastermine is where you find the latest hotels. Unfortunately a lot of the hotels around the main seashore have lost the glamorous edge they once had when the area was a new discovery so if you are someone who relies a lot on hotel facilities it might be best to stay in the up and coming resorts in Hammamet Yastermine. Other than the dubious quality of some hotels, cheap Hammamet holidays are clean and attraction friendly breaks away.

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Walking around the town while on all inclusive Hammamet holidays you can visit George Sebastian’s former home which has been converted into the International Cultural Centre. The centre is open from 8am to 6pm from February to September and closes an hour earlier at 5pm from October to January when there are less functions there. Here you can take in various exhibitions, concerts, plays and lectures which take place in the Summer. The town centre is also full of shops that stock souvenirs and supplies if you ever feel like a break from the pool or beach on all inclusive holidays in Hammamet.