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Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet Holidays – Cheap Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Yasmine Hammamet

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Travel Monster Yasmine Hammamet holidays can be found in the coastal outskirts of the town of Hammamet in Tunisia between the region of Sahel and the Cap Bon peninsula on the country’s east side. The Sahel is where the majority of most of Tunisia’s beach resorts lie and countless foreign holiday makers come here each year for the sun, sea, sand and traditional Tunisian charm. Holidays in Yasmine Hammamet are just to the north of this region and also have the advantage of being in closer proximity to Tunisia’s capital Tunis.

Fantastic resort makes families welcome on a cheap holiday

When it comes to beach resorts, family holidays to Yasmine Hammamet make up one half of Hammamet’s tourist trade. The other resort is to the north of the town heading for Nabeul  and Yasmine Hammamet lies five or six miles to the south of the town. Both are famed for their clean, well maintained beaches and low crime rates due to frequent police patrols. Yasmine Hammamet holiday hotels are usually more high end than in the other beach resort to the north although there is less nightlife here and can be described at best as low key. However, cheap Yasmine Hammamet sets the standard with a world class marina that is the largest in Tunisia.


Any way you want it but still all inclusive

If you are looking for a little Tunisian culture on all inclusive Yasmine Hammamet holidays head inland into Hammamet. The town sits directly between the capital of Tunis and Sousse and has a population of approximately 12,000 people. The best day to visit on all inclusive holidays to Yasmine Hammamet is a Thursday when the town comes to life with its weekly market.