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Exploring Florida Theme Parks on the Cheap

Exploring Florida Theme Parks on the Cheap

The Castle at Disney

The Castle at Disney

No other state in the southern part of the United States can offer you the variety of theme parks which can be found in Florida. The Florida theme parks include Busch Gardens to Disney world; the state has a rich variety of parks for the entire family to enjoy. Here we have an overview of the Florida theme parks and a small sampling of what they can offer you and your family for your holidays in Florida.

 Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens – This is one of Florida theme parks which is located in beautiful Tampa Bay, Busch Gardens offers you an exotic experience based on the African continent. The park has a unique array of shops, games, shows, and restaurants. The Florida theme park includes a zoo, which features more than 2,700 live animals which cannot be found in other areas of the country. There are numerous thrilling rides which are guaranteed to keep the children and adults entertained for many hours.

If you have a passion for exotic animals, in the Busch Gardens Florida theme park you can book a tour that is much like an African Safari. Take the kids for a ride on the Gwazi in Busch Gardens Florida theme parks, which is a huge mammoth roller coaster, made of wood. The Gwazi is touted to be the largest and fastest double wooden roller on the south, containing one and a quarter million feet of lumber along 7,000 feet of track. If you have the nerve, it is guaranteed to give you a thrilling ride.

 Disney World Florida

The parade is just part of the attraction

The parade is just part of the attraction

Disney World – This is the best known of the Florida theme parks, it is the dream of every child to get to go to Disney World. Don’t even think about trying to see it in a day or two. You need to plan to stay at least a week and possibly two if you want to take in all they have to offer, Disney World Florida is truly the daddy of all the Florida theme parks.

Climb aboard a boat in the most amazing of the Florida theme parks and join the band of pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean. Sail the high seas and plunder the bounty which can be found there. Enjoy a magical 3-D adventure at Mickey’s Philhar Magic and let the kids enjoy the con-Duck-tour, cool off in Splash Mountain. You will really need a 14 day hopper ticket or the ultimate 21 day Disney Tickets to get the most from Disney Florida theme parks

After a long, hot day at Disney Florida, you can take in Disney’s Blizzard Beach and thrill to the ski-resort type water slides. There are plenty of slopes and daring plunges for you to cool off in.

 Universal Studios &  Islands of Adventure

Don’t pass up Disney’s Universal Studios another of the great Florida theme parks where you can meet all of the stars of the show and the kids will even enjoy a backstage pass to meet the characters up close and personal. Your family will enjoy watching all of the studio action without having to travel to Hollywood. The latest arrival on the Florida theme parks scene is the Islands of Adventure, which is located beside Universal Studios. Great white knuckle rides, when getting Universal tickets for Florida theme parks is sure you also get Island of Adventure tickets.

The state of Florida is rich in theme park entertainment. The entire family can enjoy Florida theme parks without getting bored. If you plan to visit Florida theme parks, it is best to take a few days and enjoy all they have to offer. If you have to rush around, there are so many attractions you will have to miss.


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