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Family Holidays in Kos – Kos Family Holidays

Kos is the third largest island on the Greece isles. It is gaining popularity with Travel Monster tourists and has all kinds of facilities for tempting visitors. Many families select Kos for their holidays each year. Part of the reason for this may be that Kos has some of the finest beaches and is adorned by a long ancient history. This even attracts many historians and families interested in ancient history. Family holidays to Kos is makes it an ideal island to enjoy the various accommodation choices available.

Pack your bags to one of the best Greek Islands for your family holiday - Kos.

Pack your bags to one of the best Greek Islands for your family holiday – Kos.

Beaches and More

Kos family holidays are much more than beaches although they remain the main tourist attraction. Kos even has water sports, diving and golf for people who just come to enjoy the beach. There are many resorts on the island which have their own historic past which the <em>‘child explorers’</em> find fascinating. You can even go on long walks on the island amidst the colourful scenery. For sightseeing discover churches and castles from the medieval times open to visit and marvel at the architecture. Kos family holidays are fun and adventure for old and young alike.

Family Activities

A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Kos with your family on holidays in Kos comes recommended. The archaeological site of Asklipios has a historic significance and is a breath taking view. Kos is home to Hippocrates. There is a tree which is more than two thousand years old and was believed to heal patients during ancient Greece.

Book for Summer

Plan your summer Kos family holidays in advance as this is the months that Kos becomes really popular. Summers at Kos have tremendous family entertainment; there are many packages available that will suit your family on holiday to Kos.

So what are you waiting for! Pack your bags and get going…