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Discount Holidays to Kos – Cheap Kos Holidays

Located in the south-east Aegean Sea, Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates. The north of the island has flat plains and moving towards the south, one can see many mountains rising. Cycling and horse riding are very popular activities on cheap holidays to Kos due to the absence of hills and mountains in the north. Kos coastline has some stunning beaches. Cheap Kos holidays have become a favourite of most British travellers. The ideal time for visiting Kos is between the months of May and October.

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Sun and Nightlife

The island has hot and dry summers with almost no rainfall. On cheap holidays in Kos, prepare yourself for expansive beaches, clear waters, postcard perfect villages, many tourist attractions and a rollicking nightlife. When it comes to nightlife, Kos is considered the most happening and rocking Party Island in the whole of Greece.  All inclusive Kos cheap holidays offer its tourists a wide variety from relaxing at the sunny beaches and pretty coves to having a time of their life in the many bars and clubs of the island.

Resort Beach

Food and Drink

While on discounted Kos holidays, one must try out the famous delicacy of the island, the Red cheese – a special cheese baked in red wine. The other specialties of the island worth trying on discount holidays in Kos are stuffed grapevine leaves, Pligouri – a form of pork with ground wheat, Pittaridia- meat stock boiled lasagne, the partially sweet white wine and the traditional sweet dish made out of a peculiar type of tomatoes. For a feel of the real Greece, visit the local tavernas for the traditional dishes such as the mousakas, pastitsio and tzatziki.