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Cheap Turkey Holidays

Cheap Turkey Holidays – Cheap Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is a unique location where the two continents of Europe and Asia meet, Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides. A land of variations, Turkey has it all steppes, mountains, forests, sand and sea. The friendly and hospitable Turkish people make cheap holidays to Turkey special. When it comes to Turkish people only one thing is common throughout the country that is their hospitability apart from that, the people are also varied and diverse in their looks just as their landscape, Our Travel Monster cheap Turkey holidays you can find people and accommodation that is quality but also cheap.

  • Best Time to Go

Cheap Turkey holidays will give you the choice of approximately five thousand miles of coastline promises a relaxing and stress free holiday. The ideal time for cheap holidays to Turkey is during the months of April to October. Turkey is a haven for birdwatchers as it falls in the route of the migratory birds from Europe. Turkey is the home for more than 30 species of fruits such as Kiwi, hazelnut, grapes, pomegranates, walnuts and apricots.

  • Turkish Activites

Cheap Turkey holiday include trekking, mountain climbing, horse riding, fantastic beaches and golf. The Turkish Riviera has fourteen golf courses spread throughout. The Cappadocian region is ideal for trekking on horseback. Paragliding and parachuting are popular activities on cheap holidays in Turkey. A stunning balloon flight over the Cappadocian region leaves you enchanted. Nightlife in Turkey is limited to the meyhanes or the taverns where one can drink and dine while listening to live traditional music.

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