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Low Cost, Late and Discounts for Majorca Holidays – Cheap Holidays to Majorca

Majorca, an island blessed with heavenly beauty is the largest of Balearic Islands. It is temptingly placed in the Mediterranean Sea just off the south east coast of mainland Spain and waiting for you to come and indulge in its exotic beauty.

Discounted holidays to Majorca

Check your prices with us for Majorca first

Check your prices with us for Majorca first

A low-priced holiday from Travel Monster to Majorca or its neighbouring islands Menorca and Ibiza will take you to a wonderful beach holiday experience. Going on cheap holidays in Majorca are so handy, an average of 2 hours flying time from almost all UK airports. Majorca or Mallorca, whichever way you spell it or pronounce it, is full of awe-inspiring exquisite beaches and exhilarating mountains. A holiday on the island of Majorca will give you a cheap and interesting break, great golf courses, and superior resorts for families and young alike, Majorca has all the good reasons and discounts for a great time away.

What can you do in Majorca?

Majorca cheap holidays are all about having a great time. You can lie on the soft beach sands and relax or you can shop, sightsee, or just cuddle up to your loved one in a beach hotel. If you feel like a little action Majorca cheap holidays has no shortage of nightlife but during the day action is nonstop also with sporting activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and the most exciting beaches that you can enjoy them on. If you are a cyclist hire a bike from one of the many local dealers, but remember the laws of the road and you will ride on the opposite side from the UK.

Accommodation in Majorca

All inclusive discounted holidays in Majorca offer you everything from comfortable stay to great food. In Majorca family bargain holiday options are in great quantities, you can choose from an in resort budget hotel right through to a sea view hotel room with spectacular views. The hotels here provide you a wide range of options from all inclusive cost-effective accommodation facilities to pure-luxury class and cheap hotels, we have inexpensive prices to suit you.

Majorca Food

You get some great food to sample and off course there are the Spanish specialities, such as seafood paella, sangria, sobrasada sausage or just a bottle of local wine. All these are the tasty part of our bargains in Majorca which your taste buds will love. Those who are enjoying all inclusive cheap holidays in Majorca may get the opportunity to indulge in more tempting food items like botifarro-a pork based food, spicy chorizo, and frit mallorqui-delicious combination of onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Another classic dish of Majorca is llom amb col. In this pork is wrapped in cabbage. Added pine nuts and raisins give you the needed variety in taste.

Low-cost Resorts in Majorca

Palma de Majorca, the capital city has a plenty to offer tourists cheaply on their visits to Majorca. Its characteristic double-decker tour buses add a true UK flavour to your Majorca cheap holidays, the Water Park here is a wonderful attraction to families, but it it’s shopping you enjoy Palma de Majorca is interesting and fun.

If you are looking a resort that is lively at night then Magaluf is your ticket, this non-stop party resort will make your Majorca cheap holidays complete with entertainment and joy.

Cheap holidays to Majorca are characterised by a warm climate and an equally warm people. For a downright fun driven holiday experience at an easy to reach location head for Majorca, this wonderful Mediterranean island is a true beauty.