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Scala Eressos

Scala Eressos Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Scala Eressos

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Our Travel Monster Scala Eressos holidays are beautiful Greek escapes away in the island of Lesbos. You will find the town of Scala Eressosin the south west of Lesbos, also spelt as Lesvos. This seaside spot is most commonly known for its gay scene and while this is still arguably the case, holidays in Scala Eressos are suitable for families and heterosexual couples as well. It has been noted in fact that a large amount of honeymooners are now adopting the town as their own. It just goes to show how diverse a holiday resort can be.

  • The fabulous Beach is a winner

One of the winning features of our cheap Scala Eressos holidays is the amazing sandy beach that is backed by a vast array of beach bars and cafes. Most of these establishments aren’t as brash as the usual holiday watering holes and eateries and pride themselves on being distinctly individual. The beach itself is ideal for family holidays in Scala Eressos, is large and well maintained and most families find that although it can get busy there is always a space to find. You will also see a few advertisements for therapies and yoga classes which is always an interesting experience to try in such a peculiar place.

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  • All Inclusive Activity Ideas

Besides the laid back welcoming beach scene on many of our all inclusive Scala Eressos holidays, if you can venture away from the beach you will discover a fresh water lake on the outskirts of the resort. This is a brilliant place to visit if you have children as lots of exotic wild life like to take residence here including turtles and storks. You could think of it as a place to feed the ducks, an ideal pastime for the kids while you enjoy your all inclusive holidays in Scala Eressos.