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Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Agios Ioannis

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Our Travel Monster Agios Ioannis holidays are set in the Greek island of Mykonos. Used as the location for films including Shirley Valentine and Mamma Mia, the island is not as laid back and subdued as you would expect. The hoteliers in the area certainly like to boast about the beach’s glamorous associations. In stark contrast to Mykonos Town however, holidays in Agios Ioannis are not for party animals.

  • The Beach

The beach when on family holidays in Agios Ioannis is really worth the visit. This is where famous scenes from the film Shirley Valentine were shot and many fans come here just for this very reason. However, many others just come here for the natural beauty of the place. Warm fine sands welcome you to step onto the shore lapped by clear waters. As you look out onto the horizon you will be able to see the smaller nearby island of Delos where frequent boat journeys travel to daily. Despite the beach’s fame it enjoys the privilege of being not too close to the main town meaning that it is never too overcrowded. Like most places on the island this beach is ideal for cheap Agios Ioannis holidays has a few sun loungers that are available for hire.

  • Location



  • Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment on all inclusive Agios Ioannis holidays many people prefer to rely on their hotels. The hotels in Mykonos are quite well developed with a good few luxury complexes on the island. Most hotels try to provide family friendly entertainment including cabaret and other types of entertainment acts. The best entertainment on the island is in Mykonos Town but you will find that most visitors prefer the comfort of the hotel lounge on all inclusive holidays in Agios Ioannis.