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Paxos Holidays – Cheap, Family & All Inclusive Holidays in Paxos

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The smallest island in the Ionian group, Paxos is 3km wide and 8 km long. Often referred to as ‘nature’s tiny wonder’, Travel Monster to Paxos offers its tourists an atmosphere of serenity, un-hurriedness and a genuine Greek style of living on Paxos holidays. On your holidays to Paxos find a stunning landscape and scenery. Though small, the island looks very pretty with its petite hills, rocky coastline, aquamarine waters, striking coves, enchanting toy sized villages, miniature beaches and a million olive trees.

 A Good Family Budget

Apart from its beauty, Paxos is very famous for its excellent quality olive oil. The olive oil of Paxos is different from the other parts of Mediterranean. Here the olives are left to grow on the trees until they naturally fall in the awaiting nets. A very good cost effective buy when on a budget keeping cheap holidays in Paxos a reality, the olive oil can be found in many stores throughout the island. The best time for Paxos family holidays is during the months of July and August.


 An Unspoilt Greek Resort

Springtime all inclusive holidays in Paxos is a favourite of most ornithologists and botanists who come here to explore the excellent flora and fauna of the island. The main attraction for all inclusive Paxos holidays is the sole reason that the island is still unspoilt and has not succumbed to the pressure of tourism. While holidaying in Paxos one can take the pleasure of Greece as it used to be. The island is an ideal retreat for those who want to stay away from crowds. A holiday to Paxos means a memorable experience of a lifetime.